LOTUS - the Long Term Upper Ocean Study

Daily values of u, v, temperature, and in some cases pressure from
the LOTUS experiment have been available at this site for many years.
We recently (October 2013) acquired a more finely grained version of
the same data set, with a 15-minute time increment. Both versions are
now available here:

These data were originally recorded with time increments of 3.75,
7.5, and 15 minutes. Thus some of the 15-minute data, like the daily
values, were obtained by filtering the original measurements.

A cautionary note: Mooring positions, instrument depths, and seafloor
depths given in various WHOI publications for LOTUS vary slightly.
The differences are not significant, and for sake of consistency we
have chosen to use those given for the dailies for both of the data
sets included here.

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