Current meter and MicroCat data from the Sea of Okhotsk

This site contains data from Aanderaa current meters, MicroCat conductivity and temperature recorders, and a Sontek ADCP. These instruments were deployed in Bussol Strait during 1998-2000 as part of the Sea of Okhotsk experiment. You can view metadata and time series plots here, and download the current meter and MicroCat records. The records have the OSU Stranger format (an easy-to-read ASCII representation) and have been zipped.

Please be aware that throughout this data report the depths given for the instruments are intended, rather than actual, depths. The extreme blowover experienced by both moorings makes it pointless to assign fixed actual depths. The pressure records indicate, however, that both moorings were placed approximately 10 to 20 m deeper than intended.

If you download any of the files in this data report, please read the note on file names and formats.

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