Download ICM3 Current Meter Records

57 records from 19 moorings are available. Each record begins with a header that contains descriptive metadata - mooring position, instrument depth, the name of the PI, etc. This is followed by one or more time series. Most records contain speed, direction, northward component, eastward component, and temperature. Some contain pressure. The header begins with a Fortran format specification and some line counts that will be useful if you write software to manipulate these files.

The current records have been compressed and have been grouped by mooring. Each compressed file is a zip archive that contains all the current records from one mooring. In a PC environment, zipped files can be extracted from an archive and expanded by programs like Pkunzip and WinZip. Similar utilities are available for the Unix and Macintosh environments.

The current records within the archives have names like icm3_2c.str. The first segment of the name indicates that the current record is from ICM3. The second segment indicates that it is from the 3rd meter (c = 3) of Mooring 2, counting from the top of the mooring. The file's name extension (str) indicates that the record has OSU's stranger format.

Please be aware that each line of the file that you are downloading is terminated by a carriage-return, line-feed combination. This is the PC end-of-line convention. If you are working in a Unix environment, where a single line-feed is the EOL convention, you may want to remove the carriage-returns.

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