Download a current meter record

This current record has been zip-compressed. In a PC environment zipped files can be expanded by programs like Pkunzip and WinZip. Similar utilities are available for Unix and Macintosh environments. Both the compressed file that you download, and the expanded file it produces, have names that encode the experiment name, mooring name, order of the current meter on the mooring, and the file format (OSU's stranger format) in a fairly obvious way.

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This document will remain on your screen during the download. When the download is finished, you can either press your browser's back button to return to the previous screen, or you can return to the initial page of this data report.

Please be aware that each line of the file that you are downloading is terminated by a carriage-return, line-feed combination. This is the PC end-of-line convention. If you are working in a Unix environment, where a single line-feed is the EOL convention, you may want to remove the carriage-returns.