The AnSlope Project

Anslope was a multi-year experiment designed to shed light on cross-slope exchanges between the Antarctic Shelf and the deep ocean. In particular, the experiment focused on the flow of cold, dense Shelf Water across the continental slope and into the adjacent deep ocean. This flux is important in the formation of Antarctic Bottom Water and is balanced by onshore flow of warmer water from deep and surface layers.

For logistical and other reasons the experiment took place in the northwestern Ross Sea. Coordinated measurements included XBT and CTD surveys, moored current meters, shipboard meteorological and ADCP measurements, and benthic floats. The moored arrays were deployed and serviced by OSU.

Major participants in the observational portions of AnSlope included Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Texas A & M University, Oregon State University, the University of Rhode Island and Earth and Space Research. LDEO maintains the main AnSlope website.

The OSU Buoy Group's participation in AnSlope was funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

The links below will take you to documents that describe data from the OSU moorings.

There you will be able to view plots and statistics, and download the time series - current meter records, Seacat records, etc.

The proposal and various planning documents are available here.

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