This disk contains current meter records from the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE). It is a subset of a larger collection of current meter records held by the Buoy Group at Oregon State University. The complete collection contains both WOCE data and historical data; the disk that you are viewing focuses on WOCE data.

The Current Meter Data Assembly Center (CMDAC) is operated by the OSU Buoy Group. CMDAC has been tasked with assembling a uniformly-processed, high-quality set of historical and WOCE current meter records. All current records in the database have been examined and have been brought up to a single, uniform standard. A full discussion of quality control procedures is included here. Funding for the production of this disk was provided by the US National Science Foundation.

We invite you to

In addition, we have included on this disk an inventory listing that shows the WOCE current meter records listed by experiment. We also refer you to the OSU Buoy Group's Deep Water Archive which contains over 8000 current meter, temperature, and salinity records from Slope and Abyss moorings.

This disk should be referenced as "WOCE Data Products Committee. 2002. WOCE Global Data, Version 3.0, WOCE International Project Office, WOCE Report No. 180/02, Southampton, UK.

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