Drake Passage Pressures

This file contains pressures recorded at the northern and southern ends of Drake Passage during the International Southern Ocean Studies (ISOS) project. The PI was Richard Wearn of the University of Washington. The hourly values presented here are filtered data prepared by Steve Worley at TAMU, from original measurements with a time increment of 15 minutes. The passband of the filter is no longer known. Worely also adjusted the data in some way (perhaps to remove sensor drift or spurious offsets?) but the nature of that adjustment also is not known. Nor are the manufacturer and model of the instrumentation known.

The two time series each have 53533 points and extend for just over 6 years. The series are not continuous, however. Both contain gaps, some of them quite long. Each series was produced by different instruments deployed consecutively. The pressure gauges were placed in about 500 meters of water, one at the northern side of the Passage and one at the southern side.

The two time series are presented together in a single ASCII-format file, which has been zipped. You can click here to download the file.

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