Metadata from Accession 5591

Experiment name:        NPEO
Principal Investigator: K.Aagaard
Affiliation:            U of Washington
Mooring name:           NP 2003-04
Mooring position:       89.389 deg N,  46.119 deg E
Instrument depth:       1704 meters
Seafloor depth:         4301 meters
Times:                  0000 26 Apr 2003 to 1129 18 Apr 2004
Time increment:         30 minutes
Instrument type:        Seabird SBE37

  parameter          min     mean      max    stddev    days

temp (deg C)        -0.66    -0.62    -0.58    0.02    358.50
cond (mmho/cm)      29.14    29.20    29.26    0.02    327.27
salinity (PSU)      34.85    34.91    34.95    0.01    327.27

The conductivity sensor failed after line 15709 (0600 18 Mar 2004).
The conductivity and salinity series end at that point. The pressure
sensor failed completely. U of W notes that "Besides a pressure sensor
failure, large portions of [the] conductivity and derived salinity
records appear clearly erroneous. There are portions that appear
reasonable, even if unreliable, and so we have retained them with
this warning." Our guess is that most if not all of the "clearly
erroneous" portion of the conductivity series lay after line 15709,
and has not been included here. The conductivities that are included
mostly follow temperature closely (a common pattern) and may be OK.

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